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VI-2208A / 2216A

IP- / PoE-Midspan with 8 or 16 channels
  • IP/PoE Midspan
  • 8/16 channels
  • PoE 802.3af and at
  • Redundant power supply possible

The VI-2200A series includes PoE midspans. It supports PoE according to IEEE802.3at and IEEE802.3af, as well as PoE++. From the midspan extender IP and PoE signals can be transmitted Cat5e or Cat6 cable. The Midspans are designed in such a way that in case of need each port can be assigned the maximum power according to the mentioned standards. Each port is continuously monitored. This allows dynamic power requirements to be recorded and met. At the same time, line or terminal device faults are protected. Although the VI-2200A is delivered ready for operation without any settings, the simple graphical user interface allows the setup of the device and each individual port.

Technical data

General properties
supply voltage230VAC, max. 6,5A
 Redundante Einspeisemöglichkeit bei -AS-Modellen
operating temperature-10°C bis +50°C
dimensions19" x 1HE x 305mm
copper portsVI-2208A: 8 Port 10/100BaseT, RJ45
VI-2208A: Port 1-4 PoE++, 74W, Port 5-8 PoE+ 37W, max. total power 296W
VI-2216A: Port 1-4 PoE++, 74W, Port 5-16 PoE+ 37W, max. total power 592W
Max. PoE voltages:
VI-UTP-2508A: 55VDC
VI-UTP-2516A: 52VDC
transmission cableCat5e and higher
 In conjunction with external PoE extenders:
  • Telephony cable twisted pair or four-wire, Cat3 (VI-UTP2300A)
  • Bell wire (VI-UTP2300A)
  • Coaxial cable (VI-COAX-2400A)
network properties
managementAccess via USB-B socket or via separate IP- RJ45 socket
 Settings of single ports or port groups:
  •  PoE Class

  • Max. power Power

  • security settings
PoE Management

Product variants


Midspan, 8 channels, UTP
without redundancy possibility


Midspan, 16 channels, UTP
 without redundancy possibility

Version 04.04.2024, Changes without notice