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PoE switch with uplink via coax
  • P/PoE Extender Switch for Coax Cable
  • Distances up to 500m
  • PoE and PoE+, 802.1af and at
  • 4-Port Switch
With the VI-COAX-3205 switch, four Ethernet ports 10/100BaseTX can be connected with an uplink via coax cable. The switch was specially developed for use in existing installations. With the VI-COAX-3205 an existing analog video cabling can be used for Video over IP or generally for IP. Thanks to time-saving "plug-and-play", no software configuration is necessary. The small design and the wide operating temperature range make the VI-COAX-3205 very versatile.

Technical data

General properties
supply voltage

The VI-COAX-3205 must always be powered locally for PoE on the cameras.
Or the cameras are fed locally.
56VDC bis 120W z.B. VI-1120
Ohne PoE, 12VDC, 2A

operating temperature-20°C ... +70°C
dimensions126 x 95 x 30mm
copper ports4 x 10/100BaseT, PoE, PoE+, RJ45
extender ports1 x coax, BNC
transmission cable50Ohm: RG6, RG58A/U, RG58C/U, RG58U or equivalent
75Ohm: RG59 or equivalent
Transmission distanceThe maximum transmission distance when using the above cable types is approx. 500m.

Product variants

PoE switch with uplink via coaxial cable

PoE-Switch mit Uplink über Koaxialkabel

Version 25.07.2023, Changes without notice