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PoE switch with uplink via UTP
  • IP/PoE Extender Switch for UTP
  • Distances up to 500m
  • PoE and PoE+ and PoE++
  • 4-Port Switch
With the VI-UTP-3105 switch, four 10/100BaseTX Ethernet ports can be uplinked via UTP cable using one uplink. The switch has been specially designed for use in existing installations. The VI-UTP-3105 allows existing UTP cabling to be used with Cat5e or better or generally with twisted pairs for Video over IP or generally for IP. No software configuration is required thanks to time-saving "plug-and-play". The small size and wide operating temperature range make the VI-UTP-3105 very versatile.

Video network special features

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Technical data

General properties
supply voltageIf sufficient power is supplied with PoE+ or PoE++ over the extender line, no local power supply is required.
If the line losses on the extender line are too high, the VI-UTP-3105 can be supplied locally: 56VDC to 120W, e.g. VI-1120.
Power rquirement without PoE: 12VDC, 2A
operating temperature-30 to +75°C
dimensions126 x 95 x 30mm
copper ports4 x 10/100BaseT, PoE, PoE+, PoE++, RJ45
extender ports1 x RJ45
transmission cableIdeal type: Cat5e and better
Further types:
When using Cat3 cables (telephone cable) or bell wire, the possible distances are significantly reduced.
If Cat7 cables are used, the same distances can be expected as for Cat5e/Cat6. The shielding of the Cat7 cable must not be earthed.
Transmission distanceDie maximale Übertragungsdistanz bei Verwendung von Cat5e-Kabel oder besser beträgt ca. 500m
Bei der ÜBertragung von PoE muss die Verlustleistung der Übertragungsstrecke berücksichtigt werden.

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PoE-Switch mit Uplink über UTP

Version 17.09.2018, Changes without notice