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VI-00103 en

IP and PoE multiplexer
  • IP/PoE multiplexer for UTP
  • Distances up to 100m
  • PoE and PoE+
  • No power supply needed
The VI-00103 Port Multiplexer enables the connection of two IP/POE devices via a single Cat5e/6/7 cable. The system consists of two devices, a port combiner and a port splitter. The switch-side VI-00103RX combines two IP/PoE signals and transmits them over only one Cat5e/6/7 cable. It has two built-in Cat5 pigtail cables for connection to the PoE switch. The VI-00103TX on the camera side separates the combined signals. For example, two IP cameras can be connected to the VI-00103TX. The VI-00103TX has two built-in LEDs that indicate the PoE status for each port.
The VI-00103 can handle PoE inputs of up to 37 W for each connected device. The two devices are compact and easy to use. They are compatible with IEEE, IEEE and most non-standard POE systems with up to 37 W for 10/100 BASE-T environments.

More information

System notesThe VI-00103 system does not have an extender function. This means that the total transmission distance including all connecting cables may be a maximum of 100m. In individual cases, depending on the cable quality, the maximum possible distance may be slightly shorter. We therefore recommend a field test.

Technical data

General properties
supply voltageThe units do not need a power supply.
operating temperature-40 to +75°C
dimensionsVI-00103RX, switch side, 20 x 22 x49 mm (H x W x L), dimensions without permanently connected RJ45 pigtails
VI-00103TX, camera side, 21 x 35 x 37 cm (HxWxL)
copper portsVI-00103-RX, switch side
2 x 10/100BaseT, PoE, PoE+, RJ45 plug on pigtail approx. 20cm for connection to a PoE switch
1 x RJ45 socket for track cable

VI-00103-TX, camera side
1 x RJ45 socket for track cable
2 x 10/100BaseT, PoE, PoE+, RJ45 socket for camera connection
extender ports1 x RJ45
transmission cableIdealer Typ: Cat5e und besser
Weitere Typen:
Bei Verwendung von Cat3-Kabeln (Telefonkabel) oder Klingeldraht verringern sich die möglichen Distanzen deutlich.
Bei Verwendung von Cat7-Kabeln kann ca. mit den gleichen Distanzen wie bei Cat5e/Cat6 gerechnet werden. Die Abschirmungen des Cat7-Kabels dürfen nicht geerdet werden.
Transmission distanceDie maximale Übertragungsdistanz bei Verwendung von Cat5e-Kabel oder besser beträgt ca. 500m
Bei der ÜBertragung von PoE muss die Verlustleistung der Übertragungsstrecke berücksichtigt werden.

Product variants


Unit for the switch side, cannot be ordered individually.


Device for the camera side, cannot be ordered individually.

Version 25.10.2021, Changes without notice