VDSL-Bridge for UTP cable
  • Copper port 10/100TX, RJ45
  • Extenderport VDSL2, RJ45
  • Solid metal case
  • Simple use
  • Alimentation 12VDC, plug-in exkl.

PD-VDSL-MI100 is an Ethernet extender designed for extensive Ethernet applications. It is equipped with an Ethernet port and a VDSL port (RJ-45 connector) in a metal housing, allowing easy installation in harsh environments. It is a bridge modem. The VDSL2 technology used allows Ethernet signals to be transmitted over distances of up to 2km via a twisted pair of wires. The PD-VDSL-MI100 supports both symmetrical and asymmetrical transmissions and can transmit up to 100/100 Mbit/s bandwidth. The Extender can be mounted as a desktop model or on a DIN rail using the optional PD-DIN-kit. With the 19" PD-R2 rack, up to 17 individual PD-VDSL-MI100s can be accommodated on 2U.

Technical data

General properties
supply voltage12VDC, screw clamp
Without power supply, must be ordered separately
power consumption4,2W
operating temperature0°C ... 45°C
dimensions92mm x 74mm x  23mm, (LxWxH)
copper ports1 x 10/100TX, RJ45
extender ports1 x VDSL2, RJ45
transmission cablePaired copper cable, e.g. phone cables Cat3
Transmission distance

Maximal distances highly depend on the quality of the cable used. Older or damaged cables can result in significantly reduced distances.Larger vein cross-sections are advantageous, smaller are disadvantageous. The distances listed below refer to cables with AWG24, approx. 0.5mm core diameter.The listed values are indications without guarantee.
The indications mean: Distance[m] / Data rate in downstream[MBit/s] / Data rate in upstream[MBit/s]
300 / 100 / 100
600 / 40 /45
900 / 22 / 19
1200 / 16 / 7
1500 / 12 / 3
1800 / 8 / 2
200 / 5 / 2

Product variants



Fixing for DIN-rail


19" rack for max. 17 devices
Power supply 230VAC

Version 28.08.2019, Changes without notice